March Events

The ISTE Games and Simulations Network and the Metagame Book Club is invited all educators, instructional designers and educational technologists to join us for the Ready Player One Book Club from March 12 to April 8.

We will have events starting on March 14 and running to April 4 on Ready Player One.

For Week 1, we’ll be reading Level One. Our first hangout and livestream is on March 14 at 8 pm ET.

We’ll do three other hangouts on the following Weds at 8 pm ET.

On March 15, Virtual Worlds Best Practices (VWBPE) Conference starts. We have a Ready Player One Meets Snowcrash exhibit that we’ll be building this weekend. Come hang and build with is in Second Life if you want. We also have a roundtable Meta Manifesto: Think Tank 4 Effective Tactics

And to wrap up everything, on April 3 we’ll go a tour in WoW at Noblegarden that we’re calling Easter Ethnography and have our last Ready Player One Hangout on Wed April 4th after we’ve seen the movie.

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