Are you ready for READY PLAYER ONE?

The trailer for READY PLAYER ONE is out! Ask your students and your kids if they ready the book this week or over your seasonal break.

If you haven’t heard of READY PLAYER ONE, it’s the definitive science fiction guide to the 1980s and what VR might look like in the future.

The movie is not the only Ready Player One event going on. The ISTE Games & Sims will be doing the Ready Player One book club! The online book club will run March 14 – April 8, 2018

Yes, the group purposely timed our last week to be the week that the movie comes out! That way we are all caught up and ready to compare the movie with our imaginations and see what wins out. đŸ˜€

We do have a sign-up ready

The book club will interweave the book, virtual reality, games, and learning throughout the 4 weeks of the book club. The book club is free and open to all! Feel free to have your colleagues, your students and yes – your kids sign up for it. We love having students in our book clubs!

If you would like to collaborate with us on a Ready Player One event or if you have questions about bringing in your class just email Kae Novak at

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