Virtual Connected Educators

This is our Virtual Connected Educator update for the week of November 28, 2017.

VR Update

We have been asked what VR educators could use to have their students start working in game design and simulations. We would recommend looking at CoSpaces which now has a 2 month free trial. We walked the floor at the ISTE Exhibition hall and found it to be the most accessible form. For our game designers, it looks like a scaled down version of the game engine, Unity 3D.

We’d also suggest that educators take a look at the reports that have come out on VR from Foundry10

VR in education: The Student Perspective
This is an 18 page report that is well designed with images, pictograms and quotes.

For more detail on the Foundry’s research it would be better to look at their full study
Applied VR in the Schools, Aggregated Report

AR Update

We were also asked about AR. If you are starting out with using AR for game design, we would recommend trying Metaverse Have your students make a mobile scavenger hunt for whatever holiday you might be celebrating before the end of the year. We’ll talk more about pervasive mobile games in the upcoming weeks.

You may also want to keep your eyes open for these additional mobile AR experiences

Masters of the Sun, a graphic novel that was released in the summer, will be available

More information from Tech Crunch and here’s the trailer.

Office Depot’s Elf Yourself app  and its Mensch on the Bench creations will include an AR capabilities this year. And yes it does even have a hashtag #ElfYourself. If you do create something feel free to share with us in the ISTE Games & Sims community.

From Mashable, there is a report on Smartify, like Shazaam but for artwork. It is now live in 30 museums worldwide. See if is live at museums you and your students are visiting

So you think AR and VR are only for marketers? Think again, car manufactures are getting into the game to leverage AR and VR to improve their processes, gather in depth market research, reduce repair times, and even train your robot to do your manual labor! Yes, your Career Technical Education (CTE) will need to learn AR and VR in the future.

Tech Live

Tech Line – Porsche AR

Toyota’s Remote Operation


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