Ender’s Game Book Club

It might not seem obvious to look at a non-fiction book from 1985 to give us ideas about augmented reality and virtual reality, but Ender’s Game (volume 1) explores how simulations are used to prepare for warfare.

The Metagame Book Club will be reading Ender’s Game and discussing it on their own Ender 4 Edu subreddit.

Week 1 – Introduction (5/3/2017)
Intro to the Book. Children being trained for war, dystopian nature of big brother watching, games being used to train fighters, and how close are we to an Ender’s type of reality with relation to education and training people for war?
Week 1 Metagame Book Club site
Week 1 Google Hangout https://youtu.be/mypfh2yoMFw

Week 2 – Children and Watchers (5/10/2017)
Chapters 1 to 3
Discuss dystopian societies. Families being planned and programmed to have children for particular purposes. The Big Brother aspect. The embedded cameras in children. Children being removed from families for the “the cause”.
Week 2 Metagame Book Club site
Week 2 Google Hangout https://youtu.be/mLCVVgWeyrY

Week 3 – Battle School – The Launchies (5/17/2017)
Chapters 4-9
The use of children as young as Ender (6) to be trained for many many years away from family (so the army becomes the family). The use of children for very unchildlike purposes. What does this mean in education? The use of games.
Week 3 Google Hangout https://youtu.be/af0v__Qv0cs

Week 4 – Battle School – Rise of Ender (5/24/2017)
Chapters 10-15
Next Week: Guest Speaker and Wrap up
Ender being controlled and manipulated by Graff and Anderson. Ender’s continued rise in the ranks. The use of technology and games in the Battle school.
Week 4 Google Hangout https://youtu.be/MIgJklLIYog

Week 5 – War and Do You Want to Play a Game? (5/31/2017)
Concluding the book and discussion with Cynthia Calongne to real world implications of games in the military.
Week 5 Google Hangout  https://youtu.be/qo74STMxa8A





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