More on the EdSim Challenge

The AR/VR Special Interest Group is looking at the EdSim Challenge as an opportunity to eLCC(ers) to start discussing where emerging technologies could take us for education.

Below is the 90 second video produced to get people started with ideas:

Since this challenge is coming out of the Office of Career, Technical and Adult Education, it will be focusing on the Career Technical Education (CTE) career clusters. Here’s a list of the career clusters

To get started the challenge asks you to:

Explain the desired change or transformation in the user’s knowledge and skills. What academic, technical, and employability skill-learning objectives will your simulation seek to transfer? Detail the subject area(s) and/or curricular area(s) that your simulation addresses. Briefly review how your simulation will communicate feedback to the user and instructor with respect to progress toward achievement of the learning outcomes.

Here’s a link to the judges who have backgrounds in virtual reality, games and augmented reality.

We’re looking for a marketplace of ideas that we can share with ELCC members and at the conference. If you are interested in brainstorming, discussing or collaborating email us at We’ll look to do a Google Hangout, WebEx or Zoom sometime before Monday, January 9th.

Here’s the full webinar and Q & As produced by the Department of Education.



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