Happy Holidays: the US Postal Service and AR

Yes, Virginia there is an augmented reality (AR) app for that! Considering the success of Pokémon Go, it is not surprising to see companies and organizations geotagging objects with AR layers. I’m just a little surprised that the United States Postal Service decided to do this. Instead of stopping for a poke stop, you can go to any USPS Collection Box and look for what animation it has.postal-app

The app was created with Aurasama. If you go to Aurasama’s website you will end up thinking that this augmented reality app is for business, brand awareness and marketing but it has been used the past 3-4 years for education too.

Here’s links to two blogs on how educators have been using this app:

Aurasama: Augmented Reality for Your Classroom

5 Ways to Use Aurasama in the Classroom


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